Why Low-Rise Briefs Are The Most Comfortable Thing

Why Low-Rise Briefs Are The Most Comfortable Thing

Low-Rise Briefs & Boxers: Why You Should Wear Them

by HUNK Men's Underwear & Swimwear



Low-Rise Briefs & Boxers

More and more men prefer them, and here's why: Low riser briefs.


You have heard the term, but don’t know what’s the hype about among fashion forward men.

Boxer briefs, also known as “trunks”, are garments that cover the lower part or “trunk” of your torso.

Low risers are a subgroup of trunks with cuts below the hips.

We are all familiar to them, but even though they look so similar, there’s many styles of trunks for men.

A man, regardless of his age, occupation and lifestyle always needs great underwear.

He needs underwear in which he feels comfortable and in which he feels sexy.

Keep in mind these 5 rules when you pick your next favorite, sexy low-risers: Underwear should fit well.

It should be soft.

You should feel relaxed and comfortable.

Undies should never make you sweaty.

Fabric selection should never been underestimated.



Low rise briefs


Low-rise underwear is a no brainer!


Low-rise briefs give you: sexiness, comfort, ease of move, and they tend to be cheaper

About Low-Rise Underwear: Underwear comes in different varieties and we can see different designs and categories among them.


The most popular are: low-rise and high-rise briefs and boxers.

If you’re the kind of pragmatic guy that goes for the straight answer, here it is: Low-rise underwear is a no brainer! Low-rise briefs give you: sexiness, comfort, ease of move, and they tend to be cheaper (less fabric used!) If you are a guy like me who works out, goes to the office during the day, and hangs out with friends: low-rise briefs will be your best choice.

No other men’s underwear is as versatile.

To spice things up, maybe also keep a few jockstraps and thongs.

Now, if you live in a city in which long, cold winters are a fact, then you should also buy the boring longer boxers!

Hey, there’s a balance between getting frozen and looking sexy.

Pain -not cold-is beauty, o so they say…



Low Rise Briefs


And… this is why low-rise underwear is a MUST-HAVE

Low-rise underwear is underwear that is made to sit below the waistline, on the hips, giving you just enough fabric to cover up.


These are designed to ease movement – your hips are covered and the body part between your legs is way more relaxed.

Low-rise underwear also makes you look incredibly sexy.

Low-rise underwear is very comfortable as the fabrics cover only what is necessary, leaving your legs free to move, making them ideal workout underwear.

Another advantage of low-rise underwear is that they are far lighter in weight than other underwear as the fabric used is smaller.

Its comfort-ability also increases with the fact that it starts below the waist line and you won’t feel anything tightening up the lower abs.

If you are a man who likes to feel sexy and comfortable, low-riser are a must-have in your closet.



Low Rise Briefs


Nothing in the underwear aisle will beat the nice feeling of short, sexy low-rise underwear.

Give it a try and you will wonder why you hadn’t tried it before.